Summer is here!

Last week was such a busy one!  It started with Eden's last day of preschool on Monday, and then Ryder's last school events happened between June 15 and 16th.
(Eden also had her dance recital and it was Kit's birthday and, oh yah, Father's Day...)
His school party was circus themed, which was appropriate for all the little monkeys in his class...❤︎)
He won hot potato and got a medal. 
He was really happy about that!
 I love that I am able to be at these things with him...
We celebrated almost being out of school with a trip to the pool:
Then we ate tacos outside and watched them do this:
On Friday was his last day of first grade...

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were taking these photos...?
The kids are currently have the time of their lives a"Grandi Camp" with their Grandi and Monkey Papa.
  Summer is off to an AMAZING start, but oh how we will miss out Ms. Aarvig!  She made school the BEST!