Flat Stanley...

...or in this case, "Flat Ryder"...
Ryder's first grade class read this book:
So the class is working on a project of their own:
Ryder chose his Mia and Papa.
We are excited to see what adventures "Flat Ryder" will have with them...❤︎


Long weekends...

We are finishing up on a long weekend.  Ryder and Eden were off from school on Friday and today! 
It rained and so things like practices were cancelled and Kit had a wedding that he had the honor of officiating.  The kids and I did a whole lot of nothing and it was SO nice!
We generally have no screen time during the week, unless it's a movie or show in the evening that we watch together, so things like Netflix on the iPad while they ate breakfast? Yes please!
 Ryder pulled out his legos and spent HOURS making creations...
Staying up late and taking mornings slow were the best part of the weekend for me.
We had some movie time while Kit did his rehearsal dinner and the night he had the wedding.
 Eden "cooked" lots of meals for her babies and created lots of food creations that we were asked to "taste"...❤︎
"Dessert Toast" is certain to be a huge hit!❤︎
Music sessions:
(Practicing your strumming while your sister accompanies you with her vocals ALWAYS makes for some fun for the family...❤︎) 
 Wrestling for DAYS...
The playroom is a favorite for all sorts of pretend play and games:
Sibling Snuggles:
Games after the wedding...
Today Kit is home with the kiddos while I am at work.
I love the time that we get to be with each other and I love that we  get to live life all together...❤︎


Roald Dahl, we are huge fans!

For Christmas, we were given a collection of audio books by the one and only Roald Dahl!  They have been amazing!  We listen to them anytime that we know we will be in a car for a period of time.  To hear the author read his own stories is such a treat too!
There is enthusiasm to go places for the stories that they will hear.
 After finishing Charlie, Mr. Fox, and James and his peach, we decided to start working through the movies based on these books.
Such fun to watch the stories that the kids were able to have come alive in their minds, then come together in a film.  I am so thankful for authors that have the capacity to open worlds to children, even when they have left this earth...❤︎


I can't get enough...

I realize that I am down to a few short months before summer is here and we prepare for Kindergarten for Eden in the Fall... Time has been going so quickly and I think it makes me capitalize on each minute together.  We have been frequenting our favorite library to either walk the historic grounds, have picnics, read books, or all of the above!❤︎
 We always end up with a huge stack of Fancy Nancy books... They never seem to get old for her...
 We park it in the isle and read together:
 I just can't get enough of her...
One of our favorite parts of the grounds is to go to the barns:
Every time, she will tell you how it's the perfect place to raise horses and unicorns...
I couldn't agree more...❤︎


Valentine's Festivities!

We had SO much fun with Valentine's Day this year.  I am so thankful for an opportunity to carve out time to celebrate with people that you love, creating traditions that you can look forward to each year!
We pulled our all of our home made decorations from years passed:
(The chalkboard blocks were such a fun addition this year!)
 A painted heart that Eden made at preschool was utilized in our dining room:
 Our felt flowers from one of Eden's birthday parties...
 and pom poms too... (Eden helped with all the decorations and I think having a holiday that is all about reds, pinks, and purples made her little heart so happy!❤︎)
Helping at Eden's little class party on the 13th had me realizing that the cookies were all about the icing and the sprinkles, with some cookie on the side❤︎:
We celebrated Valentine's Day with our Life Group that night:
It was such a sweet evening with our kiddos!
but first, treats:
We did some create time and thanked the Lord for all the people that he has given that we love:
 We took time time to tell each other what we loved about each other and affirm each other by using star stickers and placing them on each other with each affirmation:
And then we read this book:
And then closed our time with prayer and we each put a finger on one of the star stickers on ourselves and thanked the Lord for how he loves each of us and that we would know the HE is our Creator and that it is HIS voice that matters the most and that we would always listen.  And how thankful we are for people in our lives that point us to Him and let us know how loved we truly are.
The evening ended with all the girls coloring and the boys running around with every weapon and light saber they could find...
It was a really special time together...❤︎
I got to help with Ryder's Valentine's class party on the 14th too!
There were games, cookie decorating, glitter glue experiments, and crafts.  He loved it all!
Complete with the photo booth!
 I can't get over how big he keeps getting!
He was so excited to be handing out his valentines: 
 He kept telling me how special it was that I was there...❤︎
Then, after a full day of school and practice, we came home to enjoy our special valentines dinner of king crab legs!  We were given an incredibly thoughtful gift of an entire Omaha Steak dinner, with all the sides, as a Christmas present and we specifically waited until this Valentines day to enjoy it!
Our hearts (and our bellies) were incredibly full and I am so thankful for the people that I get to live life with and those that I love, that love me so well, that I get to call my family.❤︎