A new rhythm...

This year marks a first for me in that both kids are at the same school, for the same amount of time for the whole day besides Wednesday, which is our early let our day.    So that means I have one time to drop off, one time to pick up, and both are at the same location.  
That means that, besides my work days, I have about 6 hours each day with no little people with me.  We are now in regular elementary school and will have this similar schedule from here on out...
It has been 8 1/2 years with my little people's schedule giving me only about 2 hours without them and I know their will be some adjustment time...
A few little things that I was able to do:
Lunch with Kit since I didn't have to be back at 11:15 to get Eden:
I worked in the yard without worrying about having enough time to shower and be ready for pickup:
We had a fig ready!
It was SO good...
I went to Costco and I was the only one who touched the cart and I didn't have to worry about navigating the samples: 
I repainted all of our patio furniture and our back cinderblock wall:
The beauty is that when I would get to pick up the kids, their faces were full of smiles for how much they are loving school and their teachers. We are all so thankful!❤︎ 
Rhythms change, and though we are barely into this one, we are all finding our groove and it has been really sweet to learn together what this new chapter will bring...❤︎


Rogers Garden Date

Last weekend,  Ryder was at an Angel game with a little friend from baseball, so Kit took Eden on a special date to Roger's Gardens, and then to the beach. Eden had never been there before and she absolutely loved it.  Kit said she twirled and danced all around the entire nursery.  She wore the fanciest dress she had.
 She got a few things for her fairy garden...
 I love watching them together.  They LOVE every chance that they get to be together.  We have so much fun as a family of 4, but any chance that we can get for one on one time with the kids, we jump at the opportunity.  They fill our hearts with so much joy!❤︎ 


First day of school!

Yesterday was the kids first day of school.  Holy smokes, we have a 1st and 3rd grader!  
Things felt so real as I was packing up their things:
Our traditional first day of school photo shoot!
I am SO excited about their teachers and their classes!
walking onto the campus and seeing our friends was the absolute best!
Both kids settled into their classes so smoothly...
Eden knew from being around Ryder's first grade class what to expect and it made it so much smoother of a transition for her!
They are at school for 6 hours, 4 out of the 5 days a week. This is definitely a new chapter for our family and for me as a mom.  The kids loved meeting their teachers and I think we all took a sigh of relief as their day started. We are excited for all that this year holds and we all feel ready for it. ❤︎


It's official...

Summer is officially over.
Today the kiddos started school, and I am already missing the relaxed days of summer...
...where pool time counted as bath time and bedtimes were in a direct correlation to when it was dark outside. 
Yesterday we tried to have our last day of summer filled with little memories:
We saw Christopher Robin:
We stopped by the 99 cent store to get a few treats first.
 Reclining seats for the win!
We thought it was a really sweet movie.❤︎
Afterward, we headed to one of our favorite spots to stuff our faces with tacos:
 Then finished up with Cotton Candy ice cream...
The day was the perfect mix of low key, enjoyable, and as the kids would say: delicious!❤︎


Back to School Dinner

Last Friday we had out back to school dinner for the kids.  We pick a verse and theme for the year, we pray over our kids, their friends, people that might be hard for them to get along with, their principal, and their teachers.  We talk about how loved they are by their family and friends and that God is with them always.
So first we decided to make spaghetti and meatballs together:
Last year we had chosen a passage from Mark 12 that we had two goals: 1. love God and 2. love others.  This year we expanded it by adding the passage in Galatians and talking about the "Fruits of the Spirit", and praying over our kids that those "Fruits" would be evident in their lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
We ask what they are the most excited about, and if there are things that make them nervous.
Generally the things our kids are excited about is seeing their friends and they get nervous about how hard they think some things might be with class subjects.
(Though Ryder does so well in school, the idea of tests make him a little nervous and Eden is nervous that she will have a hard time reading...)
In addition to praying for the school year, their friends, their minds, and their teachers and principal,  our prayer for our kids is that they would be loving and kind, and that they would bring peace and joy with gentleness to everyone they come in contact with.  We prayed that they  would know who God has created them to be and that they would know how INCREDIBLY loved they are.
This evening is so important for our family and our kids before school starts.  It sets the trajectory for the year and recalibrates us as a family to who we are and who we feel God has created us to 
Tomorrow starts a new school year and we are ready for all that the year holds. 2018-2019 school year, the Raes are ready for you!