Baseball Days...

This last Tuesday, Ryder had his last game of his machine pitch tournament.  We have been playing baseball since the end of January. It is so funny how a busy schedule can suddenly feel quiet...
I loved watching him play and watching his skill level continue to grow, improve, and thrive.  Oh he takes after his dad with his athletic genes.❤︎  He is confident at bat and in the field.  He cheers his team mates on with his words and his leadership and he helps the other team up when they need help up.  My heart swells with pride when I watch him.  He is an incredible human being, on and off the field.  His sister was more involved with the other siblings on the team and I think the only time I saw her sit was when we were in a tournament and there was no other kiddos there, and she snuck my phone.  My friend sent me this picture:
Oh she is seeming so old at sometimes and so little at other times. Tonight we are heading to celebrate with our team to eat pizza and have a nerf gun war...  I am excited to celebrate this season together!


Celebrating our Kindergartener!

On Tuesday night, Eden had her end of the year Kindergarten performance.  I melted...
A few snap shots... I had our parents in town.  We really did win the grandparent lottery.
 Oh this little girl in her performance was hilarious!
 Their tassels had the year...
 I was more emotional than I had anticipated that I would be.  It felt like those baby girl days are done and first grade is the real deal.
 Our teacher Mrs. Wigley is the BEST!
 And her helper Mrs. Lin could not be sweeter.  They have taken such amazing care of both of our kiddos.  I will miss seeing their faces on a regular basis!
 It was a sweet evening.  Ryder was at his last game of a tournament and was SO bummed to miss it.
I can't believe that this year is coming to a close!  How thankful I am for this school and the opportunity that we have to to be part of it!❤︎


my hair stylist...

... is probably the cutest little fashionista ever:
 gold belt and everything...
 and of course her flower crown:
I sit at our dining room table and she brushes my hair. 
I want to fall asleep Every. Single. Time!
 Plus it comes with the added bonus that she does hair styles and I look AMAZING...


Tuesdyas are for...

...working with babies and their mamas and HEAVY caffeination!❤︎


"Lil' Chef" Girl Scouts

Yesterday we met up with our Girl scout troop to celebrate their hard work with cookie sales!  We went to a cooking class and made home made pasta and the girls LOVED it!
They made pasta and sauce from scratch...
 These girls are the sweetest...
We are having the best time being a Daisy!


Tustin City Tournament 2018

On Wednesday we had our last city tournament game, which made it the official last game  that we would play as a team.  We won, coming in third out of 8 teams and that was a really fun way to finish the season.  They got medals.
When I think of this season of baseball, the memories will be filled with boys that "Floss" (dance), Dodger blue, toothy grins, and the incredible families watching and cheering at our dusty ball field. I am thankful for those memories this league has given our family...❤︎



On Tuesday we went with my sister and brother to see U2 at the Forum.
First we grabbed dinner at La Fonda.
I really love these people:
The set was amazing, as was their performance, as always!
My sister introduced me to their music and it is so fun when we get to experience it together...
What a fun evening that I will never forget!
I love you Rosies! Kit and I love having moments like these together!❤︎