40th wedding anniversary celebration!

We are off to San Luis Obispo to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary.  
We are heading to where they met and where they got married and we are excited for the time together!  I am excited to celebrate these two!


"mama and me time..."

Eden and I have found ourselves doing little "Mama and me time" things, (especially when Ryder and Kit are watching football...❤︎)  This last weekend, we decided to color one of her bible verse coloring pages together:
 Notice the little hearts that she drew and colored for me in the lower left corner...❤︎
Such a fun project to sit and talk over.  
(And simultaneously, USC beat the Longhorns in double overtime in an INCREDIBLY exciting game!)


The Lemonade and Arcade Stand...

On one of the days that Ryder was home with his Papa, he created an "Arcade" game: 
He went around the house and collected little trinkets that he could use as prizes and decided to charge 25 cents for five shots.  He also decided to serve lemonade:
This year he has a field trip to the Discover Cube and that will cost $12 to go.  He decided to put his money towards that.  Watching him tell our neighbors about his game and serve them lemonade was the sweetest thing and they were SO gracious to him and incredibly encouraging!  
So far he has raised $8.50 and he is thrilled about it!  We are so proud of this kid for how he is brave to try new things, interact with new people, and isn't afraid of something not working out.  He said to Kit and I, "Thanks for letting me just try it. I loved that I could say I wanted to do something and you guys made it happen..."❤︎


cutest bike mechanic ever

With Ryder and Kit riding more frequently, Ryder has been excited to "work" on his bike, just like his dad does.  So even something as simple as adding a water bottle holder and odometer makes hims SO ridiculously excited!
The cutest bike mechanic ever!
It's so sweet to watch Ryder want to do everything his dad does!  And it's even sweeter to watch how much Kit loves the time they get to spend together...❤︎


Our sweet soccer player...

This last Saturday, Eden had her second soccer game.  She is LOVING her team mates and has been having such a fun time this season already!  They got their sign and she could not have been happier with how it looked!
This weekend we had the last game of the day at 1200 and the girls were tired.  At the end of the game, the assistant coach told me that Eden had said to her tired team mates, "Come on guys!  I bet we can get one more goal!  We can do it!" and proceeded to give her friends high fives...❤︎
It made my heart so happy!  We are so proud of this girl!
Also, she got her hair bows and she was THRILLED!


an incredibly special gift

A tiny background:
When we were pregnant with Ryder, I went to working just one day a week.  Initially I only worked on Fridays since that was Kit's day off, which meant we didn't have to pay for childcare.  We did that for almost 5 years.  What we didn't realize was that by working that day, we really would never get quality family time since Kit has always worked on the weekend.  I am so thankful for those years that Kit was with them on those long days, but we realized that we needed to make some changes so that we could get more time together as a family.  So I started working Thursdays and my parents would come in the morning then leave early so my mom could prep to teach on Friday mornings and miss traffic, and our friend Kaycee would come for a few hours until Kit would get home.  That gave us a FULL Friday together.  This last spring, my parents asked if we could change our day to Tuesday so that they could be there the entire day and not have to leave early due to her teaching/work schedule.  This made everyone in our house happy because more Mia and Papa time is always a win for us...  (Also, Kaycee was hired as our church elementary director which made the transition time even more perfect!)
So now our new schedule is that on Tuesdays, they drive into town in time to get Eden from Kindergarten at 11, then are home when Ryder is dropped off from our carpool, then they help with home work, make dinner and hang with the kids until bedtime.  They spend the ENTIRE day loving on all of us.   I'm reminded regularly what an amazing blessing to our family this is and what an incredibly special gift our Mia and Papa are to all of us!
We love you Mia and Papa!


Mountain biking

Kit and Ryder have started riding their mountain bikes together and having the absolute BEST time doing it!  Kit recently took him on one of his favorite local trails and Ryder can not wait to go back!
They are excited for MANY for rides to come...
Watching these two enjoy things together is such a gift for my heart!❤︎