Wednesdays are for...

... tiny dancers...
 ... with a whole lot of spunk!


Little League Event 2017

This Last Sunday was the Little League event at Angels Stadium!
Eden and I stayed home and Kit went to the game from church.  He said he had SO. MUCH. FUN!
Here were some sweet photos of the event:
While they did that, Eden and I had a little girl time eating tacos at a favorite hole in the wall, thrifting for treasures, eating 
ice-cream, and watching movies...
It was such a fun day for all of us!❤︎ 


"date nights" with Annie Sloan

We have been working on a big project for our house... Maybe it's not that big, but it feels big to us...
We spend most of our waking non-kid time doing it and I can't wait to show you the finished product!
I have been joking how we have been on a date with Annie Sloan for the last several evenings...❤︎


Life of a seven year old...

This was a tough week for Ryder.  On Monday morning he found out that his best little buddy at school had moved back to India over Spring Break.  He was trying to be so brave and told us that sometimes life is like that and you just have to be tough...  Then we looked into his little eyes and saw his quivering little chin and told him it's ok to not be tough when your heart is sad...  We held him and just sat with him.  He is so relational and to have his heart hurt and there is no way to take it away or make it better was so hard.  But the truth is, that's parenthood...  I was so thankful to do this whole motherhood thing with Kit as my team mate...
Sometimes you just need to have your dad help with your carpool and sit with you while you do your homework (thank God he has his Dad's math genes...), make ribs for dinner, play catch with you at practice,  and let you know that everything is going to be ok...❤︎


Chopped Jr. in training...

We love kids cooking shows!  From kids baking and BBQ championships, Master Chef Jr. and our favorite, Chopped Jr...
 Dinner is served... 
"Chef's, what I've prepared for you today is..."


25 cents

Awhile ago, I found these upholstery samples for 25 cents while thrifting...
I finally got around to using one of them for a pillow in:
This continues to be one of our favorite little nooks in our house...❤︎


Easter 2017

We are coming off of a very full weekend of celebrations, traditions, and family time.  Easter is such an incredible time for us and our community and we  are so thankful that we get to celebrate a RISEN Savior!
On Thursday, we got to be part of the set up team in family ministry:
 making play dough:
 Oh those pastor's kids...❤︎
Then we had our good Friday services... Such a time of solemn remembrance:
Our church had 5 Easter services between Saturday and Sunday.  We attended the service on Saturday night and then went to our church celebration right afterward. Our Grandi and Monkey Papa came into town Saturday so that we could go to church together and then take the kids on an adventure to Knotts on Sunday.
On Saturday morning we dyed eggs together:
Haircuts and naptimes before our Saturday service:
We have such a privilege to baptize people during our services and that makes our hearts INCREDIBLY FULL!
The elementary school kids joined their parents in the service and were given activity packs:
I almost cried right there...
Then we headed out to food trucks, photo booth, and face painting!
 Easter Sunday, the kids went to Knott's with their grandparents and uncle Ethan and Dani:
It was their first time and they were very brave!
Kit and I are so honored to serve the ROCKHARBOR Costa Mesa community and family... Easter is a highlight of our year!
We headed home to have dinner and do an egg hunt and celebrate Grandi's birthday with carrot cake!
Eggs filled with jelly beans and coins...
 I had my own "egg hunt"...❤︎
Easter basket time...
Happy Birthday Grandi!
Kit and I sat back and looked over the memories that were made over the course of the last several days and our hearts were so FULL.
He is risen... He is risen indeed!