Circus Trix with best friends!

This weekend, Eden got to attend a birthday of one of her best buddies at Circus Trix.  The theme was circus because the birthday girl LOVES "The Greatest Showman."
Look at her outfit and her pink hair!
 Doing the swing and the trapeze.
 She wore herself out!
We love you Olivia! 
We are so thankful that you were born and that we get to live life with you!


rain, rain, go away...

Or if you are an 8 year old boy, you are excited to play soccer in the rain and mud...
 The parents? We loved watching our boys dominate! Go Blue Flames!❤︎


A halloween tradition...

The last couple of years we have gotten this gingerbread house kit from Trader Joes.  The kids LOVE doing it each year!
 We always feel so accomplished when we get it to stand up!
Little traditions like these make my heart so happy!❤︎



Over the weekend we got tiny baby chicks!
 They change so fast and so we are enjoying their fluffy sweetness...
Ryder is so good with them!
This will be our second round of raising chicks and we are really looking forward to it!❤︎


pumpkin or oompa loompa...?

With my kiddos teeth coming out and growing in, we have said that they have little jack-o-lantern smiles.  So I decided to get a little face makeup and make a little pumpkin of my girl:
 So we had so much fun doing it and she loved the process, but I will say she looks dangerously close to a Willy Wonka character...
All that to say, I love this little face and the smile made her the perfect jack-o-lantern...❤︎


Celebrating one of my favorite people

Yesterday we got to celebrate my cousin Melissa's birthday.  My sister drove out and we had breakfast together.  
 Breakfast at Snooze will always be a good idea...
It was SO life giving for my heart to be with these women!  
We are better together...❤︎


Little Foot

Last Friday the kids didn't have school for a teacher's inservice day.  Kit was off and so we decided to go to the movies!  But first, pancakes, eggs, and hash browns!
Then off to the movie...
 We couldn't remember the last time that we were all at a movie together!
We had fun!  It was great to all be together. ❤︎