I can't be trusted...

... to go to Target for something like 409 and think that I won't come home with anything else.  If I don't make a list and I allow myself to wander the isles, I find gems like these:
So what that means is now I can clean my counters AND have a house that smells AMAZING in each room...❤︎ 
Thanks Target!


probably my favorite house "craft"...

One of my favorite things right now is to go to thrift shops/garage sales and antique stores to look for milk glass that I can turn into planters.  They can be a little hard to find, but when I do, I have so much fun finding a place for them in our house:
The galvanized tins were from my mom and the small hobnail creamer was my grandma's:
 And then this little helper helps me find the perfect place for them!


A weekend with the "class pet"

This last week, Eden got to bring the class pet, Ruby home for a sleep over!
 She gave Ruby a tour of her room...
 Gave Ruby a nap and read the book "Biscuit" to help her sleep...
 She got to sleep with her in a slumber party in Ryder's room...
 Ruby the puppy to to go to a soccer game and got to meet Eden's favorite person ever, her cousin Ruby...  Her mind might have exploded with excitement.
Then Ruby got to go to hang out in Redlands with our family time and her Mia and Papa:
We couldn't have had a sweeter time with this preschool tradition and I am SO thankful that the class pet is not of the living or reptile nature...❤︎


It finally came out!

Ryder had a front tooth that had been hanging by a thread!  It was just a matter of time...
So at his game on Saturday, he took a drink of Gatorade and thought that he swallowed it, and immediately burst into tears, only to find it at the bottom of his gatorade bottle:
 It was so fun to have our Mia and Papa there to not only watch the excitement of his game ON the field, but to also celebrate his lost tooth OFF the field...
 The little toothless grin pretty much melts my heart like nobodies business... 


these two...

Saturdays are soccer days...
As we look to our weekend, I always can count on moments like this:
The assistant coach tries not to show favorites, but she just can't help herself!



We tackled a project that I had found on Pinterest:
 And having letter cookies makes the project so much sweeter!
 We had so much FUN!
Time with my girl is just the best!


Searching for Fairies!

We went to two local shops/nurseries that specialize in fairy gardens located in Orange...
Oh my goodness,  Eden was in heaven!
The first stop was the M&M Nursery:
Around every corner were fairy gardens and scenes, as well as plants to make your own fairy garden...
This was her favorite:
Then we headed to The Dragonfly Shops and Garden:
 Her little eyes were so excited to take in all the little creatures!
 Then we had worked up an appetite, so we headed for our favorite fish tacos...
Time with this girl is the BEST!