tooth fairy

Ryder lost his second tooth last week while he was at his grandparent camp.
So we made sure that there was a visit from the tooth fairy when he got back home!
I really can't handle how each day this kid looks older and older!!!


our shed "remodel"...

(Ok, remodel is going to far, but maybe facelift?)
We have a shed on the side of our house and since we have moved in, it has looked like this:
 Since we knew that we were going to paint the house, we wanted to finally rig up some type of door/covering so that it all could get painted at the same time.
 He will always be by his dad's side, 
helping whenever he can...
 We got the door all finished with hardware and closures...
 Then we primed it...
Even though it is NOTHING fancy, we love it!
We could not be happier how it turned out and we finally feel like it isn't an eyesore in the corner of the patio.  I also feel like it's safer when we have little visitors over!


teaching compassion...

On our way home from getting the kids, while driving through East LA, we had this HORRIBLE experience with another driver while we were trying to exit.  At about 3/4 of a mile to our exit, Kit put on his blinker to merge and the other car sped up to us to block us from getting in.  We tried to slow down and the guy was swerving toward us and Kit was trying to figure out how to either merge off or back onto the freeway, without getting us in an accident.  While this was happening, the driver rolled down his window and started hitting Ryder's window, flipped Ryder off, and then made gun gestures with his hands at my son's face.  Then he pulled something out of his car and scratched the side of our car.  ALL WHILE WE WERE DRIVING!  ALL BECAUSE WE TRIED TO MERGE OFF THE FREEWAY! We tried to get a picture to report him but they all came out fuzzy or blocked.  We were all shaken up but it especially hit Ryder really hard.  My first response was to get so mad!  I was shaking with furry... Ryder asked why the man had done that.  My heart immediately softened.  Kit and I told Ryder that the man's heart is really broken and hurting to treat someone like that.  When someone treats people like that, they most likely don't know Jesus and something in their life is really horrible. We took a moment and prayed for the man.  That he would meet Jesus, that his heart would change and that he wouldn't hurt anyone.  I also prayed for peace for my son.  Ryder said amen and then asked if we could listen to some of his favorite worship music.
We turned the man's actions of hate into an opportunity to discuss compassion and empathy with our children.  Ryder hasn't talked about it since but has been at peace since we prayed.
I asked Ryder how he felt and this was his face:
 I'm thankful that that experience is not a regular occurrence and my heart breaks for the people that it is.  I was so thankful when it was over.  When I think of it, I say a prayer for the man... I wonder what his story is and am thankful that it ended with no injuries.  I pray that when situations like that present themselves, that I will take the opportunity to teach and to learn and to put Jesus' love and compassion on display. 


They are back!

Our kiddos had the best time with their Grandi and Monkey Papa this last week at their "grandparent camp"!  They took a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo, wen to a trampoline park, made special meals together, had a very special tea, slept in a tent under the stars, went to the beach, played games, made crafts, played at the park, went to the Santa Maria Discovery Museum, and just had THE BEST TIME with their grandparents!  
 They made them each a scrapbook of the week and the kiddos can not stoip looking through them!
The kids could not pick what their favorite things was, they loved every second and we were so thankful that they were able to have that time to make those very special memories! 
We love you, Grandi and Monkey Papa! Thank you for making our kiddos feel so special!


While the kids are away...

This week, our kiddos have been in Santa Maria for "granny camp".  I dropped them off on Monday and today we get to pick them up!  I have missed them, but it was such a sweet week for them to connect with people that they love so much, but also for us to recharge for the weeks and months ahead, as school and sports start!
So since I am still collecting pictures from their week, here were little snapshots of our time.
Our goal was to connect and have intentional time of being together as much as we could.
So we went on some DATES!:
To the Irvine Spectrum for appetizers:
 And to Laguna for time of eating at our favorite spots:
 And then for gelato and to watch the sunset.
And to Honda-Ya in Tustin for Sushi!
While Kit worked, I was able to tackle some yard work projects:
In addition to working, I was able to go thrifting in Ventura, when I dropped the kiddos off with their Papa, I did a little baking for our church staff, I read books, did some knitting projects, went through the kids clothes, and organized everything for school. I tend towards being an introvert and this was so life giving for me!
I will not lie to you though, in all the calm, I really missed these faces and all that they bring to our lives!
Our family is at it's best when we are all together, but I can not tell you how amazing this week was for rebooting before the busyness of the school year and the connection time I had while I dated my husband!
Thank you Grandi and Monkey Papa for the incredible time that the kids had and for allowing this space for us.  It was AMAZING!


School supplies!

Our church has been doing a back to school drive for school supplies for kids and teachers in the local Costa Mesa school district.  So last week, our life group decided to support a teacher and buy supplies for her classroom!
 Before we headed to Target, we picnicked at a park and then took a moment to pray for our teachers and the school year ahead!  Most of our kids haven't started school yet, but they were excited in knowing that they will meet them within the next few weeks.❤︎
Then, our friend Ana, who was a teacher, wrote each item on a separate card for each child to look for.  (Watching us walk the isles of Target as a group was a sight to see!)
It was so exciting for the kids to think of blessing a teacher as she prepares for the school year ahead.  I am so thankful to do life with these people and I LOVE that our kiddos have each other too!


made with love...

Eden's Mia made her this dress... 
and she is pretty darn excited about it!