A first grade open house!

Last night was Ryder's School's open house.  He loved showing us so many things that he had done through out the year!
Kit and Ryder came straight from practice:
We got to walk around and look at all the hard work, at gems like these:
(This shark was linked to an audiovisual presentation by Ryder on sharks!)
Gosh, I love her so much!
I am in love with our school and our faculty, staff, and educators.  We won the jackpot with this school and I am trying to savor every second!


a curbside find...

Over mother's day weekend, our neighborhood hosted a huge garage sale.  At the end, while driving home, we found this pretty beat up book shelf for free on the side of the road:
It had a notch cut out of it:
So we took it home, cleaned it up, sanded it, and used a piece of wood from our stash to fill the hole:
 The template for the hole:
 Using liquid nails, we hammered it in place.
Then we used wood filler and our sander to smooth out the hole for painting.  I did one coat of primer before using a basic indoor satin from our house paint collection.
I love how this curbside find helped me to declutter our play room and make things easier for access for the upcoming summer months!


A Mother & Daughter Tea!

This last Sunday, our friend Brooke hosted her annual Mother/Daughter Tea and we had the best time.  There are no words to describe what a phenomenal host our Brookie is.  She did the flowers for our wedding and continues to astonish brides (and hosts) with her incredible work.  It's no wonder that this party has all the attention to every detail!
Food is set out on her beautiful screened in porch:
 Did I mention she is a florist...?
 Flower crowns made this little girl feel just like a princess...❤︎
Our Brookie is the absolute BEST!
And while we had an elegant girl time, Ryder went with my dad and the guys to see trains, eat In-n-Out, and to go bowling!
We ALL had an amazing time!  
This really is one of our most favorite days!
Thank you Brookie for all you did to make it all so special!❤︎


freshening up...

Since our kitchen, we have been excited to check little projects off our list.
Our living room got a freshening up with a new coffee table.  Well, not new, just a fresh coat of paint (That we already had on hand...):
It went from this:
 Primed and finished with a glossy top layer that's easy to wipe clean:
And here is the after:
I usually tackle projects like this while Ryder is at school and he is always so encouraging:
"Mom! It looks really good mom! You did a really good job!"