Winter Olympics

We have been having fun watching the Olympics. Here are my two views on any given evening:
The actual Olympic games:
And the little boy with big Olympic dreams with his Costco cardboard snowboard:
I'll be honest, the little boy is way more fun to watch...❤︎
(P.S. His sister is busy sliding around our floors in her socks, competing in her own version of a free style figure skating number.  Never a dull moment in this house... Never a dull moment...) 



...is always better with a friend.❤︎


A {Tasty} Family Tradition!

This last Saturday we had out annual family Valentine's dinner with king crab legs and some of our favorite sides...  
It is one of my favorite meals of the YEAR!
What Kit can do with a scallop completely blows my mind... 
 The meal ended with carrot cake and watching the Olympics!
 It is one of our favorite evenings of the year and I am so thankful for the memories that the evening gives to us as a family...❤︎
 Happy Love Day really is everyday!
I love this tradition and I love that they kids get as excited about it as we do...❤︎ 


Happy Lunar New Year!

This last Friday was the the Lunar New Year.  Our class had a celebration and as always had so much fun! It was all about red for good luck.  Note the nails that were done the morning of...
Learning to use chopsticks:
Crafting lanterns:
And walking in the New Years parade around campus!
And ending with a tasty lunch!
I love watching her in her classroom setting with her teacher and friends...
I really wish time would slow down.  It felt like yesterday we were in this celebration with Ryder!❤︎


Valentine's Day Festivities!

On Valentine's Day, both of our kiddos had their class parties and I was scheduled to work.
So while I was here:
My parents were able to be at school attending the kids parties! 
Eden's party:
Ryder's party:
It was such a fun day for my Littles!  
Thank you Mia and Papa for making the day even more amazing!


black thumbs...

We did a little project in our dining room that involved revamping a candle holder that we had gotten as a housewarming present in our first house.  I love it, but it needed a little love.
Little Miss helped me figure out what we wanted to do...
The succulents were 60% off at Michaels with coupons so we felt like we got a steal!
(I know, I know,  real succulents are super easy to keep alive.  I have had NO luck, so I stick with my strengths... plants that can't die not matter what I do!❤︎)  
I mixed them with the lichen that I collected at Shaver Lake:
The finished product:
In April, we will have officially been in our house for 4 years and after we changed the light fixture and hung the items on the walls,  it has looked the same since we moved in.  It's funny how the tiniest change feels so nice and new...❤︎ I love this little house of ours and I am so thankful that we get to call it our home!