On our way!

This morning we headed out with these little turkeys to see our family and spend time together for Thanksgiving!
So an early Happy Thanksgiving from the Raes!


Our Friendsgiving!

On Sunday, we had our annual Thanksgiving raclette feast with our friends from college.  Some of the people in this group have been together for more that 19 years, so at this point, we call each other family!  Here were some snapshots of our day...
WE headed to the park for our annual game of parents vs. kids kickball:
Some of the boys decided to bring their baseball cards to look at together:
Raclette tastiness:
(We always eat really well when we are together...)
The kids eating and playing telephone:
There was SO much laughter from them during their dinner, you couldn't help but laugh too!
The girls:
The guys:
(The date that worked the best for everyone was a Sunday, so Kit had to work.  We missed him... We are planning another hang out in a couple of weeks to be together again so kit can be there!)
We had such a great afternoon and evening together!  I am so THANKFUL for these people.  I can't put into words how much we love them...❤︎


Seasons coming to a close...

This past weekend, both Ryder's foot ball and Eden's soccer season came to a close.
On Friday night, Ryder had playoffs.  They came in 3rd in their division. They played SO hard and I am SO proud of him and his team.  
 Ryder and his coach:
Of the eight kids on his team, only one had every played before.  
We were the youngest, newest, team and it really was SO fun to see how much Ryder grew over the season!  Every game, he would tell us how much fun he was having and for us, that was what it was all about.❤︎
Then on Saturday, Eden had her last soccer game and we had their team party afterward.  
 Her cheer section on the sidelines!
 Their last little huddle...
Their party!
Kit spoke about each little girl as he handed out the trophies and the certificates:
Oh this little girl...  She completely surprised us.  She has her dad's coordination and determination, and she was the best defender!  She made goals, gave hugs, and high fives, and had the BEST time with her team mates, most of which are in her kindergarten class at school. She equally loved blocking the ball and wearing her fancy hair bows.  She loved ending each game running through the parent tunnel. But mostly, if you asker her what her FAVORITE thing was about the season, it would be that her dad was her coach and how much she loved spending all that time with him.  They are already talking about next fall!❤︎


Thanksgiving celebrations!!

Yesterday I was able to volunteer in Eden's class for her Thanksgiving party!
I love every chance that I get to be there with her.  I love seeing my kids at school with their friends.
The sweetest little pilgrim EVER!
When we say feast, we are not messing around!
 They made a cool jar and tissue paper  turkey craft... 
 Lots and lots of glue was used...
 And then did a nature scavenger hunt in the school garden!
It was such an amazing morning!  I love this girl so much!


his heart...

This boy can turn me to mush like nobodies business...
He asks amazing questions and has the most tender heart.  He is confident and brave and has a nurturing spirit and gentle strength. His enthusiasm and joy is contagious! He is like Kit in SO many ways and I am incredibly honored to watch this guy grow up and that I get to be his mom!


Our school's Family Movie Night!

I have the privilege of co-chairing and hosting family night events at our school with my cousin.  We do them in the Fall and though they make life a little crazy at the beginning of the year, my cousin and I have so much fun together that it makes it all worth it!  Who would have thought that as we were were so close growing up, that our kids would go to the same elementary school and that we could see each other on such a regular basis! 
So last week we had our schools family movie night. We watched the movie "Sing", had popcorn, and sold amazing homemade goodies made by our TMA hospitality team!
I love our school and it's families and our incredible faculty and principal! It is such an honor to be part of this community and the night was an absolute BLAST!
 And though we weren't able to get a picture together, it seemed appropriate that our girls did...❤︎


"What does a day look like?"

With having both kids in school five days a week for the past few months, I have been getting the question of "How is it going with all your free time?" or "So what are your days looking like now?"
We are definitely in a new chapter of life, specifically as someone who is home 6 days of the week with my babies.
For a little snap shot of life right now, I did a day in photos for this last Monday:
I wake up at 530a every day.  I run 3 1/2 miles, 5 days a week.
(I don't run on Sundays or my work days.)
I came home and threw make up on and got myself ready for the day to start breakfast for the kiddos.
While the kiddos ate, I checked the chickens:
And started drinking my coffee:
Then the kids brushed their teeth and got dressed while I cleaned the kitchen, make their beds, and wiped down their bathroom:
Kit kept everyone on task and I couldn't do it without him!
Then I did Eden's hair:
(Pretty much we always do braids)
We are out the door by 735a to do carpool:
School starts at 8am
 I still can't get over being in a car by myself...
I headed to Target for probably the most unexciting basket items EVER! (But wandering around the isles by myself was nice...)
I got home about 845a and spend time with Kit before he headed to work and we finalized our holiday schedule for my work.
Then I spent time in the bible, doing my devotional, and listened to worship:
I will also do any emailing, phone calls, or blog stuff during that time too.
Then I did little chores that I had listed: That day was a date with my vacuum and cleaned our bathroom:
With working on Tuesdays, I set out two sets of uniforms for each kiddo so that I know they are set in regards to any laundry I need to do.
Over the weekend, I organize snacks and lunch items for the week, write notes for each kiddo, and generally make two lunches/snacks for the kids at a time so that I am ahead of it for the week, so that all we have to do for the morning is put it in the lunch cooler.
I like to organize it all of it so that all I have to do is throw it together.
I also put out my clothes for the next day...
I've noticed that setting things out the night before help me know what uniforms (for work, school, or sports) need to be washed.
At 11a I headed out to pick Eden up:
(It's crazy how fast 3 hours go!)
While Eden changed her clothes, I pulled out her snack and made her lunch. 
 Yogurt, blueberries, honey, and almonds was requested.
 Then we worked on reading and sight words.
 She played while I made dinner:
Kit worked last night, so I made something I knew would be a good left over for him when he got home, something good for me to take to lunch, and something that that kids like. 
 It's also such a win because dinner is ready and the kitchen is all cleaned up.  It makes the evening without Kit a little bit easier.
At this point it was about 1240p. It's back to some practice with writing letters and sounds...
After she worked on that, she watched a show.  It's either a Sofia, Elena, or Masha and the Bear.
I will go between watching with her and doing chores.  I took out the trashes and cleaned all the toilets.
Then a little before 3p, Ryder was HOME!
He changed, and we ate a snack and watched a holiday cooking competition on Food Network.
After that, I finished dinner while they played:
 We face timed with Kit before we ate:
(It's hard to have him not there for dinner.)
After dinner, the kids shower and brush their teeth while I cleaned up.  Ryder has a long-term substitute while his teacher recovers from shoulder surgery.  We normally get the homework packet by 3 on Monday via email, but it didn't happen, so we took it as a free night! We watched a family baking show before bed, all snuggled up!
Kids were in bed by 730p and I was not too far behind them with visions of work and new babies dancing in my head.❤︎
The day seemed typical and sweet and hard and tiring and life giving and full of joy and frustrations at times when little people don't listen or have bad attitudes that their dad isn't there.
That is mother hood, isn't it? All wrapped into one glorious package that I wouldn't give or trade for anything.❤︎